About Us

Some History

In 1972 a visionary named Mr. Ken O’Brien introduced barbeque to the mid-Atlantic region. Mr. O’Brien was a pilot for American Airlines often spending time at their main hub in Texas where he developed a passion for the “art of barbecue”.

Crossroads BBQ and Grill continues that tradition with the same passion for quality barbecue prepared in the original smokers, custom made for O’Brien’s Pit BBQ almost 50 years ago. By partnering with local suppliers for meat, produce, beer and wine we are able to blend the best of the past and present for a unique eating and drinking experience.

Some Mystery

The Story of Crossroads originated in the 1930’s in the Mississippi Delta when struggling blues musician Robert Leroy Johnson went to the Crossroads of Routes 49 and 61 where, legend has it, he sold his soul to the devil for musical talent*. From then on, until the end of his life, he was noted as a one of the most influential Blues and Rock performers writing such classics as “Sweet Home Chicago” and “Crossroads”, popularized by Eric Clapton.

*Disclaimer: We’re not saying our pit master sold his soul for culinary talent but the devil does stop by for a beer every now and then.

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